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Player is little blurry when view moves horizontal



Hi guys. I have a problem where my player is moving horizontal view works strange and player gets a little blurry. But if I set spd = 1 it goes normal, but too fast for me. I need floor number of speed but view ruins it.
obj_player [CREATE EVENT]
frame_delta = 60 / 1000000 * delta_time;

spd = 0.75 * frame_delta;
imgSpd = 0.05 * frame_delta;
hsp = 0.75 * frame_delta;
vsp = 0.75 * frame_delta;

in room settings I set camera in middle to follow player. How can I work with floor numbers


round position of the view, like
view_xview[0] = round(view_xview[0]);
But you should do it after the view changed position.