Player getting stuck on moving enemy

I have an enemy that moves towards a player when near. When close enough to the player it animates a swinging axe. If the player and the enemy are colliding and the enemy is drawing frames 4, 5, and 6 (of 8 axe-swinging animation frames), the member takes damage. Sometime, the player will stick to the enemy, neither being able to travel, only animate. (The player moves 8 different directions). I'd like to make it so the player can move away from the enemy after the collision. Or even make the player go through the enemy, but still take damage during the axe animation. I've tried working with place_meeting but with no luck. What do I do?
Thanks so much.


if you want move through them then you don't need to check place meeting for movement. Also, if you are using the default collisions even then turn that off and do what you want in the step event. You should do one or the other if you combine them for the same interaction you end up with oddball conflicts.