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What is uZombie?

This is not your typical zombie game. You are in charge of your own zombie plague, unleash an army of undead allies and reign havoc on the city. Watch as your hordes rip threw military outposts to police departments, nothing will stand in their way.

The city realistically reacts to the outbreak as it would in real life. Civilians will call the police on you and military units will be dispatched.

Level up your character and become stronger than ever before! New armor to more abilities, you will become the ultimate zombie leader.

Leveling System

Leveling up your character gives you new abilities and increases your stats, including your strength, speed & health. There is no level cap.

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  • Joystick will not get in the way of the player
  • New building graphics
  • New player models
  • Pausing the game will also pause the military timer
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New game mode

I added a new game mode; "aftermath" which can be unlocked if you infect 500 or more people in the normal game. Play in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse and clear out military quarantine zones filled with civilians. Finish the level and get rewarded!

More buildings!

I was feeling the cities got repetitive with no real variety after seeing the same buildings all the time. Now thanks to my girlfriend who recently started learning how to create vector graphics, I have more building models in the city.

New environments

There are new environments you can explore in the aftermath game mode. You'e no longer wondering endless cities and are now placed in the outskirts. Explore forests and quarantined military zones for evacuated civilians.