Released Platforming engine

This platforming engine should be everything you need to create your very own platforming game! This engine has an extensive amount of features and will be updated accordingly when/if there is a majority request. This engine uses clean and commented code, allowing you to easily understand and modify it. This engine is currently compatible with Game Maker Studio 2 only.


  • Pixel-perfect collisions & movement
  • Variable jump height based on player input
  • Sprite squishing, stretching and skewing
  • Double (or triple, quadruple etc.) jumping
  • Jump input buffering
  • Ledge forgiveness
  • Jump-through platforms
  • Moving platforms (vertical, horizontal and diagonal)
  • Platforms with characteristics (ice, slime, bouncy etc.)
  • Wall sliding
  • Wall jumping
  • Ledge grabbing
  • Conveyor belts
  • Ladders
  • Climbable surfaces
  • Springs
  • Slopes
  • Liquids
  • Ropes
  • Interactive foliage
  • Very efficient frag objects that interact with terrain
  • Very fast and efficient collision detection
  • Optional un-stucking
  • Comprehensive debug mode
  • Well commented, organized code

Future versions:
  • Example enemies
  • Enemy path-finding
  • Several camera modes (follow, predict, etc.)
  • 3D environment support (with 2d gameplay)
  • Controller support
  • Spikes
You can get it here!


Looks fantastic!

Has it been tested on the Mac version of gms2? Ran into some trouble before with other assets packs.
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Looks awesome and at 10 euro is a bargain. I'll be buying this soon.

edit // Just bought it. I'll post how I get on with it.
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This looks incredibly well done, I love good mechanics and it looks like you've nailed platforming mechanics for sure