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The quickest way to add water with reflections in your platformer game!

It's as easy as dropping an object into a room, as seen in the second GIF below.

Available for both GMS 1.x and 2.x.

If you're looking for top-down water, check this out.

The reflection and refraction shaders can be customized simply by changing some variables. The reflection opacity can be reduced to allow the water to be translucent.


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The reverse-engineering period has started (not actually, ignore that :D)

Hey this addon really looks good, could help me in some of my projejcts :) ;)
Yoyogames is giving me issues today and every day I try to purchase something on the Martketplace. I'll take it up with Yoyo, but the only reason I mention it is because its on sale so I hope I don't miss the sale.

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Yoyosupport got back to me via email.
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