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Demo Platformer Shooter ( WIP / Demo )

Tryin Ryan

Hello everyone.

I have been working on this little project for a few weeks now.
I'm pretty proud of what I created so far, but I want to know your thoughts!
I have always wanted to make a game since I was a kid.

This game is inspired by:
- Various dreams/nightmares I've had
- Super Mario 3
- Final Fantasy VII
- Halo Reach
- Oblivion
- Cally's Caves
- Minecraft

About this game:
It's a platformer shooter!
Shoot and maneuver your way through increasingly difficult enemies and levels, to bring back the king's stolen magical orb!

- simple game mechanics
- simple art style
- retro sounds/music (created by me)
- saving/loading system
- upgrades
- money/shop system
- basic leveling system

- None that I'm aware of... yet :(

- mouse movement for aiming on-screen
- press left mouse-button for menu buttons
- hold left mouse-button for shooting
- A) move left
- D) move right
- W) open doors
- E) talk/buy item/save at save stations
- SPACE) Jump/Fly

I hope you enjoy and have fun! :)




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looks good. Can you upload it to itch.io or gamejolt.com ? If you do that, your game will get more visibility and more people playing it. :)