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Alpha Platformer Game


Definitely not a Sith Lord
Hello there my fellow programmers!

I made some threads before askin' for help, and as a bit of appreciation and a method of asking more help, I'd like to show 'yall my game that I've been workin' on.

Before goin' crazy on the comments, please remember that this game is new. I'm also quite new to GML (beginner-intermediate-level). As such, features may not be properly implemented, either because I didn't think of it, or I can't/gave up on doing it.

So, can you guys please play/try the game and give me ideas on how to improve?

Direct play: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4upgMXZzv-7RmM2X0dmUHZLbHM
Installer: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4upgMXZzv-7NkF5amZ0TkdZSzQ

Menu.png Level.png Level2.png Level3.png

Got the idea from:

Hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to leave a comment giving me ideas how to improve! :)

Andrea Dominante

Well, played it and found it a bit challenging at least in the last stage. Can't say it's an original idea because you showed yourself you got it from another game, but it's well implemented and could work properly. :)

Well done so far for being a beginner/intermediate. Keep it up!