Legacy GM Platformer engine(slopes) and how to use Applies to: Other



I always make towers of Drag'nDrop actions to develop a good slope code.But his to hard and take to much time.How can I make an action who finds a collision free place between an specific amount of pixels?
And whats mean "Applies to: other" can I use it to manipulate certain objects when they're created or the objects who collides with the object who makes that action?


I can't understand your first question, so please try to go into details a bit. Either way, I wrote an example on how to do slopes some years ago, so you might want to have a look at how slopes are being handled. I don't recommend copy-pasting the code as it might not work and introduce glitches with your methodology of movement; but you should be able to grasp the basics.

As for your second question, "applies to other" radio button refers to the instance that you are colliding with in the Collision event. It has no meaning in any other event.