GMS 2.3+ Platform game with classic RPG view from above : should the tiles of the room be made of objects?


Hello everyone,

I'm planning to make a platform game using a classic RPG view from above, so the player would use the 4 directional arrows to move left/right (x coordinate) forward/backward (y coordinate); but also the space bar to jump (pseudo-z coordinate).
I however can't figure out how to proceed for the tiles :
Should the tiles of the game (basically the ground) be objects, with a zmin and height, and collisions with moving objects would then be based on a comparison of their pseudo-z?
Is there a more efficient way?


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Depending on how much verticality you want, you could even use tiles for the ground and only have objects for things that stick up above the "status quo" z value. Are you planning a game where you only ever need to jump on a barrel or crate to get past it occasionally, or something like CrossCode where you can have rooms that are 20 Z-levels tall with interconnected paths on a regular basis?