Platform Engine, by Martin Piecyk - updated to GM:Studio


Luís Sousa

GM Version: GM:Studio
Target Platform: ALL
Download: RAR: PlatformEngineTutorial.rar or ZIP:
Links: Author's website (original project available)

This tutorial is a complete platform game engine, updated to work with GM:Studio. The original author wrote it in GM6 and has given his permission to update and use it by the comunity.
It's an advanced tutorial with a complete system for collisions and physics and doesn't depend on the built-in GML variables.

The project download includes a PDF document with all the instructions to start creating your first game.
The download includes:
- Platform Engine.gmz - the project file to open in GM:Studio
- Platform Engine Tutorial.pdf - the instructions file with tutorial
- changelog.pdf - the changes made to this version. Complete changelog in the Game Information.



Wonderful stuff! I can't wait to see what updates this might have in the future.
This is very exciting. Are you planning on adding any features to it or are you just keeping it like this? I would love to figure out how to add rope swings and a lighting engine to it.