Android Plap - Plank Exercise App

It is not a game but is still made with GM2.

Plap is a helper for doing the plank exercise 30 day challenge.
At the moment there is only Beginner mode available but Advanced mode with intervals is planned.
The app is out on Google Play. I expected the process to take much much longer...

The name Plap was decided because all the other apps out there was called plank something something so I went with giving it an actual name.
(Bonus info: Plap stands for Plank Like A Pirate, but somehow I dont think the target audience would see the fun if I followed the design through)

Input & feedback:
Input on the advanced mode is very welcome. I am thinking of having a set of boxes. one for each interval alternating between exercise time and rest time. The boxes move in from right to the middle when they start and the user can always see what the next interval is.
Also feedback on actual store description would be appreciated.



Great idea! As a person doing fitness for almost 3 years, I really like this. I'll check it out soon.

And I'm curious about making Android games with Game Maker :D