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SOLVED Plans for auto-complete of struct member variables?

Hi, I'm currently developing an extension in GMS2.3.1, and was wondering if there were any plans for intellisense-like auto-complete for member variables/functions. (I understand this might be impractical since the types are dynamic...)

Anyway, an answer to this will help me make design decisions for end users because it might be bothersome to use a library of lightweight objects if they need to constantly look up every member.

Thank you for your time.


That's good to hear. Is there a post that mentions this?
The Q&A follow up blog post gives an outline of planned updates and improvements of syntax highlighting and intellisense.
Structs are great, but a huge problem with them is after typing "." the autocomplete with all of the structs variables don't show, which is very inconvenient.
Part of our refactoring and consolidation is modifying our intellisense and syntax highlighting so they are directed by the syntax parsing rather than the current method, part of that will allow us to have a better presentation of the intellisense and autocomplete. A more complete solution with type inference and flow control will improve it further. We are working on these over the year but I think improvements will not be visible until later in the year.