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    Jan 5, 2020
    The goal of this game is to escape from the maze by placing actions on the game space. Watch out that you don't fall into a hole or crash into a wall! Each level contains 5 mazes to solve. You also have 5 lives on each maze.

    If you are happy with a solution, press the Run button to see if your solution works.
    Basic actions / items include:
    • Turn (Left, Up, Down, Right)
    • Jump Up (Jump onto blocks etc...)
    • Jump Over (Jump over holes etc...)
    • Block (Used to build stairs / bridge etc...)
    • Unlock more actions as you progress through the game...
    The game starts with 2 demo levels to help understand the concept. During these levels you can't fail.
    A flashing icon with text will help guild you through the tutorials.

    Good Luck!

    Download here:_____________________________________________________________________


    Version History:_____________________________________________________________________

    • - Initial release

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