Job Offer - General PKMN Overworld Coder [PAID] {POSITION FILLED}

I'm looking for someone to do a basic overworld code for my Pokemon-esque game. I have the battling portion down, but I've struggled trying to put the overworld stuff together myself. I will need the following things in the code:

- Pokemon grid-based player movement (please include running by holding a key)
- Pokemon following the player with code to avoid objects like trees and rocks
- NPC A.I. movement - Running left/right and up/down, but stopping when player is in the way so it cannot walk through the player.
- Collision code to prevent player/npc/pokemon from moving through objects like trees, buildings, and rocks

Be sure to put in comments where necessary and add in code allowing the player to move behind an object using depth. Shouldn't be too much work, but I'm willing to pay $60 for the code. If interesting let me know, and send me an executable so I can test the code out.
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i'm interested do you have a discord account or skype ?
Yeah, I have a skype account haven't used it in ages though, so I probably don't remember my password (I didn't know people still used Skype in 2018. lol). I've heard of discord, never used it. I usually use Google Hangouts to communicate.

Hey, I'm interested. I have years of GML experience, and make assets & courses. Here's my portfolio:
I have sent you our Game portfolio please take a look.
I'm looking at both of your work now and I will decide later today. Thanks for your interest.


I have a mostly complete overworld engine in working condition if you're interested. Surfing, ledges, NPCs, transitions, bushes, depth, zones, "flip-facing", slow anim on walls, walk-reading signs, etc. I've been building it as a 1:1 replica of FireRed/LeafGreen.
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