Steam Pizza Time Explosion is Out Now on Steam!



Download Link:
Pizza Time Explosion
by Electric Prune Juice on Steam

Pizza Time Explosion is a fast-paced, arcade-style game in which you collect billions of pizza slices in order to create a pizza star with critical pizza mass, causing the pizza time explosion and ending worldwide pizza shortage.

You, as a pizza slice, must traverse the Pizza Dimension in search of pizza toppings, each of which allows you to generate more pizza to add to the star. You'll have to avoid a myriad of obstacles on your way, however, such as all of the garbage that's been dumped there, and the flies it has attracted (nobody wants flies on their pizza)!

  • Six unlockable circuits to play
  • 30 total different difficulty/challenge modes to choose from and master! (27 combinations in normal mode, and three unlockable endless modes)
  • 34 extra backgrounds, 25 trading cards, and 16 fun visual modifiers to find and unlock!
  • 26 Steam Achievements to unlock
  • Go for high scores on the online Steam leaderboards!
  • OS: Windows
  • Controller support


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Pizza Time Explosion is now out on Steam!

I am super excited because this is my first game I've ever published on Steam, it's a big deal to me!

Since I put the game out on at the end of last month, I've added some new things:
  • New solid color backgrounds available by default (check out page two of the Backgrounds menu in Extras!)
  • A new powerup for endless modes (the Trash Chomper)
  • 26 Steam Achievements to unlcock
  • Online leaderboards!
Hope you all like the look of the game, and hope you'll check it out and enjoy it!