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GMS 2.3+ Pixel perfect option


Many programs have pixel perfect option to help a lot getting better sprites drawing with less work.

For example Aseprite or free Pixelorama program have this option, this is why i use that instead of GM2 sprite drawing.

When GM2 could get this option ?


Kazan Games
Do you refer to the sprite editor? Well, as you know we don't have that option. Generally speaking, the GMS 2 sprite editor is very poor and I suggest you opt for alternatives such as the aforementioned Aseprite, there are many other light and free programs as well, such as Piskel.
I believe that their current focus is not this for now, I personally find it difficult to use and I always end up opting for an external program...
Anyway I think it's cool they focused on things that are actually more important like fixing IDE bugs and adding more GML features.