Beta Pixel Boost League: The ultimate 2D online and offline car soccer fun for Android!


Hey! :D

I wanna show you a mobile game I made with Game Maker Studio 2 for the last 2 years and need you to find all the bugs in the beta version! :D I appreciate all feedback! :)

Official Beta: Beta on Google Play

Here's the trailer:
Pixel Boost League Trailer

And some screenshots:

- Enjoy high paced 2D car soccer matches with satisfying physics
- Play offline matches, missions & challenges and online unranked or ranked matches
- Perform spectecular stunts and trickshots utilizing jump and boost to launch your vehicle towards the sky and weapons for precise surprise shots
- Customize and upgrade your vehicle, decal, wheels, boost, weapon and even a horn to distract other players
- Unlock unusual vehicles and mechanics to refine your strategy or to create fun builds
- Challenge yourself to beat the super highly skilled hard mode AI in a fair 1v1 match or in an almost impossible 1v2 and even 1v3 match
- Increase the difficulty even more with additional modifiers and handicaps that work for offline and online matches
- Use intuitive touch controls or connect a gamepad to your device to gain ultimate control over your vehicle

Some details about the development of this game using Game Maker:

I was always a big fan of rigid body physics but used GM8 for a long time. Way too late I found out that GMS2 and even GMS1 have them, so ofcourse I had to test them. After playing around with those physics I found them super fun and wanted to create a game with them. And I'm a big fan of Rocket League, so why not try to create a 2D car and kick a ball around.

And alone it gets a bit boring after a while, so I thought why not make it a multiplayer game. Playing around with GMS2 networking I made a first version of a simple multiplayer with two placeholder cars and a simple ball. And it was super fun! With a ping of 1ms in the same network... .I tried to play it with some friends that were further away to test it with a higher and realistic ping. It became unplayable. The latency made inputs super slow and cars were warping around.

Sadly there was no way to use latency compensating methods in GMS2 because for that I needed full control of the physics engine GMS2 uses. I needed to customize some of its functions which was not possible with GMS2. So I had to move all physics to a java extension that uses the same physics library as GMS2 (Box2D).

Now all the UI, graphics, sounds and other effects are handled in GMS2 and all physics run in the extension. The networked physics run on a Node.js server which uses a Box2D library for JS.