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Hello all! I'm not used to the forum environment but my name is Angell and I consider myself a pixel artist.
Recently I've just been doing stuff here and there to get back into the art swing of things.
I'm not exactly looking for paid work. I, mainly, want to get crackin' on some stuff just to build up experience/a portfolio of sorts. Anyways, the stuff y'all wanna seee ~

I really don't draw too often. I just discovered the wonderful world of custom brushes though so...I may delve into drawing some more in the near future.

Other stuff -

I mostly specialize in creating characters, monsters and animations. You can find more of my work at my DeviantArt, here.

I have varied time throughout the week to work on art stuffs. PM me if you're interested in my art and what I may have in store for yah ~
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this is good, Can you make the art for my game im making, message back if u want to


Heyo heyo all! I assure you - I'm not dead but apologies for not replying! Thank you for the comments! My forum etiquette is quite low...but that's just something else to work on through my pixel art adventures!

I have a batch of s'more sprites

Set of armored knights and a clubbin' goblin

Was originally a knight - became a robot with a saber in the ground

My character Ikarou just hackin' and slashin' at nothin'

For all PMing me, my current status is sorta complicated. I was working on a project with someone but they just disappeared for the most part. I'm still on lookout to get some work going though.