Team Request Pixel artist needed


So here's the deal. I'm currently working on a platform shooter type game. the game is a pixel style game mainly to make the art process easier to handle. the basic code is pretty much done. all I need are some background and tiles to make the game pretty. my initial intentions are not to make a complete game. I want to finish the first level, make it as polished as it can get, and then release it as a "demo" and see how people like it.

I'll leave a link to a video I made showcasing a little of the game. Just keep in mind that it's very bare bones to the point where there are still some debug variables floating around, and has almost no art assets. just basic objects and sprites. I'll also include some concept art for some characters, and potential music for the level i made. The game in a nutshell stars a pink haired girl named Lillie who runs and guns similar to something like mega man. the main enemies will be "intelligent" in the sense that they wont usually attack Lilly unless she is spotted. (creating a small stealth mechanic) giving players the choice to either eliminate enemies cleverly, avoid them completely or play the classic way and go in guns blazing, as the enemies will still have shooting patterns.

of course there will be enemies that you can't sneak past. something like gun turrets that shoot constantly with a certain pattern, and there will also be classic platforming obstacles like spikes, moving objects, etc...

also this wont be a paid job. at least not initially. if people really like the game, then maybe we can start a Kickstarter or something, but for now I'm treating this like a passion project. I'm not looking for an experienced artist. I'm looking for an artist who wants to start somewhere small. (though if experienced artists want to help it would be nice) which is basically what i'm doing as well.

Here's the video:

PS: i made everything in this video except the clouds.