Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist, lots of styles, experience in professional level.[Closed]



My name is Nauris. Im a 22 year old pixel-artist and game developer from Latvia. I've been pixeling and developing games for 2 years now, and have released a couple games(steam) and participated in countless game jams, and other projects. Im pretty comfortable in all pixel-art styles, and Im a very quick learner if you require something more unique. :)
I generally work for 20$/hour, although it's negotiable if I really like your project or it's idea, and it would just be a joy for me to work on.
Please do not bother me with revenue share projects.

Here are some samples -
Recent work -
Top-down RPG mockup 16x16px tiles

Hi-res tiles 32x32px.

100x100px rpg creatures

Another platformer mockup with only 16x16px tiles

8 frame run animation

A simple goblin idle animation

Older work
A tile based exploration game 32x32px tiles

Low-res tileset 16x16px

An older beat-em-up mockup.

From my first commercial game

And here are some more - http://namatnieks.tumblr.com/
You can contact me on - aamatniekss@gmail.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Namatnieks