Team Request Pixel Artist 2D RPG request




I'm a game-development student, I'm currently working on my own "Pokemon view" RPG.

Because I'm not very good with art I'm looking for a Pixel artist.

It's going to be an open-world CO-OP Role playing game,
where the two main character venture through the land slaying
monsters, gaining experience and loot.

The story will resolve around the main characters in search of
eternal peace. ( I know, sounds sappy.)

This job consists of all art work for the game.
- Characters (with animations)
- Tile sets

If you're interested, (we can work out some Rev-share),
at the bottom of this page I'll post the update log so you can
see what I've done so far.

please don't hesitate to contact me at:

I look forward to hearing from you,


- Movement
- Collision
- Standard stupid slime blobs
- Attacking
- Advanced AI
- Levels
- Health system (you can die)
- Stamina added (not truly working yet)
- Fixed some minor animation bugs
- Added health potions (50% drop rate from blobs)
- Dashing now cost 5 stamina (regenerates after 1 second of not dashing)
- Signs can now tell you important stuff
- Added sound
- Fixed some minor math bugs
- Added new character sprites
- Added a new level
- Made stats persistent
- Updated the dialog system
- Added a pause menu
- Only one device for controls
- Added save/load function
- Added projectiles
- Added quit/return button to pause screen
- Edited the sprite control system for better performance
- Added new enemies
- Added new sprite control to enemies
- Removed audio for sound effect coming in V1.4
- Added restart button