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We had this on the other forums and it was pretty fun, so I thought it should be brought here.

In this game, you have to draw whatever the previous poster said the next drawing should be in a pixel art-y manner. Then you post your drawing here and include a phrase describing what the next person has to draw.

You may reserve a post and then edit it with your work after you've finished drawing to avoid multiple people drawing the same thing.

The first person has to draw a stool.


〜Flower Prince〜
Could I suggest a rule? All images in spoilers, or this webpage will take very long to load and will be hard to navigate if it reaches 50 posts.
Enyweys, here is u're stool.

The next person should draw a very cute girl!



It looks rough, but I'm not an artist, so bear with it.

Next: A catgirl


Considering that a roofed house in true top-down would just look like two rectangles, I assumed he (like most people when they refer to "top-down") was talking about 3/4 or RPG perspective.
Yes, I was meaning that perspective you did. A real top-down house doesn't sound very logic, really.

Good work!
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Considering that a roofed house in true top-down would just look like two rectangles, I assumed he (like most people when they refer to "top-down") was talking about 3/4 or RPG perspective.
I'm curious what exactly you'd change in this drawing to make it a "side" perspective, haha. I don't see anything here that hints at a top down view. :x

Check out FF6 or Secret of Mana. They'll show you some tricks to imply an overhead view in an RPG projection. Showing a tiny bit of the other side of the roof would help a lot, and is the easiest thing to "fix."

But yeah. Trying to fake perspective where there is none is a huge pain the ass, and never *really* works out, because RPG "perspective" is actually just an elevated projection. The best we can do is distract the audience enough that they don't notice none of our drawings make any actual sense, lol.
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Yeah, it's worse without context. Square used lots of little tricks. Brick patterns that got darker or dirtier toward the bottom, window sills/awnings that overhung windows and walls, little stair way things at entrances, etc etc. Without actual perspective, you just have to rely on crap like that. Some of the things I have the most trouble with are things like that where I can't draw them in correct perspective because it'd break the look of my game, but it's hard to fudge it, too. X'D

Edit: Here, garbage three minute edit, because whenever I give advice, I think "yeah, you're talking **** here, but how would it actually turn out if you took your own advice?" The trouble with being a ****ty artist while giving advice, hahah. X'D


No real redrawing or anything, because my tablet isnt hooked up, so I couldn't really get into the cooler tricks like the fading tile on the bottom and stuff, but here are some easy fixes, at least. :)
Looks terrible, obviously, but I think it illustrates the point, at least. =D
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Whipped this up. Very minimalistic (perhaps almost a bit too much so given the resolution...) But I enjoy making them.

Next someone make a ninja.


Here's a pretty terrible ninja, cause you can see him even in the darkness. I mean someone should take his ninja license away.

Next - a ninja in daylight.
A Ninja in Daylight (In a cave, ninjas don't do daylight, no more ninja licenses shall be taken.)
Pixel Ninja.png

Next draw a Pixel Celtic Cross



I'll have to remember to do it bigger next time, but I was just too sleepy z_z

Next up, a penguin!


〜Flower Prince〜

Next person should draw a magical princess of death that is a cute girl with black hair and pale skin and also red eyes


I hadn't been planning to contribute my efforts to Cantavanda's fantasies, but I was literally just complaining on Twitter about how hard anatomy is, and how I needed to practice...

I got all of ten minutes' practice in.

EDIT: Whoops. Next person draws a slime monster.
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