Pixel Art - Mash-Up - Downloadable Test Build



I am happy to announce that I am releasing a playable version of Pixel Art - Mash-Up.

The day has finally come where the community can participate in the testing phase.

The game is currently set up to be played endlessly. There are 2 levels, each with 10 waves of enemies on each level. Each wave has increasingly difficult enemies. When you are done when level 2, it will transition you back to level 1. You can continue playing until you die and the total waves you were able to survive will be added to your final score.

When you start the game you will start with only the ability to punch and block. When you defeat an enemy you will gain xp. When you level up your HP will be replenished and you will receive 2 skill points that you can spend to unlock new attacks and increase attack damage.

Every other time you level up your max HP will be increased. This will allow you to play a little more aggressively if you choose.

It can be played with a keyboard or a controller.

Things you can unlock:

  • Punch Combo - Instead of only punching once, you can time your punch and punch again after ( or button mash ).
  • Kick - Allows you to kick and execute a kick from a punch or sword attack if pressed at the correct time.
  • Sword - The sword is a slower attack that does more damage, you can execute a punch or kick from the sword attack if timing is right.
  • Double Jump - Allows you to double jump.
  • Gravity - Decrease gravity, allowing you to jump higher and get on those pesky platforms.
  • Critical Chance - Increase your ability to land a critical hit in combat.
  • Critical Damage - Increases your critical hit damage.

Note: You can upgrade each attacks damage individually if you choose or you can increase crit chance and crit damage which will effect all your attacks. The choice is yours.

Note: After you select your new stats press the JUMP button to accept the changes and lock them in. (This is currently not explained in the current build but will be added soon.)

There are a lot of things I still want to add and change but as a solo dev I will have to prioritize what gets tackled first!

Some of the feature to come:

  • GUI that fits the game style better
  • 5 more levels that will follow the same structure.
  • Boss fight at the end of each level
  • Special Attack


  • Endurance Mode - No extra lives, No food drops
  • Trials Mode - Avoiding enemies for a certain time. Use only Punch, Kick, or Sword. Time limit per wave.
  • Arcade Mode - Allow player to continue after they lose their lives.

This is a EARLY ACCESS TEST BUILD. I ask that you please give me any feedback that you have about the game.

Is it hard? It is easy? How are the enemies balanced? What would be a good addition? Are there any glitches? All the feedback I get will help further development of the game.

This game is exclusively being made with assets found here on itch.io and I feel its a good way to not only support the community but also showcase some awesome assets that I have found.

I pay for every asset that I use as a way to give back to the itch.io community and will continue to purchase and use more assets. The game currently has assets from 14 different artists. I hope that everyone will enjoy this game and I can continue adding dozens of new enemies and levels.

Pixel Art - Mash-Up is currently being released for FREE. Anyone that downloads it will be able to update it to a release version in time.

If you enjoy this project and want to help support the development of this game consider donating.

Thank you for coming to check this out.

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Flying around gives it a different feel.
Thanks! The action is pretty tense in my experience, it starts off a little slow but picks up. I plan to record a better gameplay video I just haven't had time yet.

I've had multiple people ask for playable build and as a solo dev I need the feedback as much as they wanted to play it so the video hasn't been a priority haha.