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Hello, not sure if this belongs in this thread or should be asked at all but I'm developing a game and I'm currently making art for it, I did a character which is 32x32 and has a neat little walk cycle but I was wondering what the recommended background dimensions should be to scale, I'm quite new to pixel art and therefore have little to no clue on how this works, I don't even know how I'll make backgrounds.

I've been watching a couple of tutorials and some have been useful however, I could really appreciate if anyone here has some tips to offer, thank you in advance! Sorry for my bad English, I am not a native speaker.


I would make a background that isn't much larger than on screen and tile it.
There's no perfect rule really, it depends your game.
One important thing, never have a bigger background than your texture pages size.


I mean drawing a landscape, (sidescroller) i dont want my character and background to have a huge quality difference
RangerX gave the answer: no rule :)

It's more a matter of how detailed your background is, just respect the same ratios and rules as your characters. If your character is pixelated make a pixelated background etc.


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I find it to be easier if you draw the background using a grid, then copypaste segments of the grid to kinda make the background look like it's made from tiles. Doesn't work for all sorts of terrain, but liberal use of copypasting speeds up the process of drawing considerably without a TOO big impact on performance. Just keep in mind that overusing it will make the background feel smaller.

Also, I'd recommend to keep the background a different size than the normal graphics so they pop out more. Either make the details smaller or bigger than the in-game graphics depending on if they're far away (e.g. mountains look better if they're smaller) or nearby (basement wall backgrounds look better if they're a bunch of tiles big).