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Pitfall's Jungle Adventure is a re-creation of David Crane's classic game for the Atari 2600, published by Activision in 1982. The original game featured a jungle maze in which the player navigated Pitfall Harry through various obstacles to collect 32 treasures in twenty minutes.

This reproduction of Crane's original formula features a unique, procedurally generated jungle each time the game is started. Guide Pitfall Harry through the jungle, swinging on vines, dodging dangerous cobras, and avoiding poisonous scorpions to collect all the treasure. The number of treasures is different for each jungle, so don't dally if you want to get them all!


Arrow Keys: Up, Down, Left, Right
Space Bar: Jump

F1: Restart the game with a new jungle layout.
F5: Save the current jungle layout (NOTE: This saves the seed to generate the jungle only, it does not save your progress!)
F6: Load the saved jungle seed.


Treasure pickup sound: sfx by Dan Knoflicek (
Victory music by Ed Tijo.
All other sounds by Jezla.
Platformer code derived from Shaun Spalding's perfect platformer tutorial.
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Thanks, @Jas! I thought about using different graphics, but as my goal was to duplicate the 'feel' of playing the original, the classic graphics seemed fitting. Glad you liked it!