HTML5 Pitfall Game Remake


This is my 12th game in effort to remake 50 games in (approx) 50 days.

Today's Game is based on Pitfall
Pitfall was released in 1982 by Activision / David Crane
Here is screen shot of the remake:
This remake took about 7 hours to make and was a lot of fun coding the smaller elements that work together to make up this game.

I had some time to do some animation, though not pixel perfect, it does the job. I also did some parallax backgrounds, some sound effects and some voices.

The aim of the game is to get to the exit, whilst avoiding the creatures, traps, quicksand and boulders.
Although not a faithful reproduction, I'm happy with what I achieved in the time available.
You can control with left and right arrows, and space to jump.

Download in EXE
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Nice - the detail of the background really contrasts that of the foreground sprites though - I'd go for a more consistent art style. Looks good though!