Picofac (iOS / Android)

Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by Electros, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Electros

    Electros Member

    Jul 19, 2016
    Help keep the Pico Factory running by sliding and matching the containers on the factory floor, and keep the operation running smoothly to rack up the big scores. The incoming block drops continually evolve the board, so you will need to prioritise your moves accordingly!

    Picofac will be released on iOS & Android 25th Sept 2019.

    iPhone_8_Plus_1_40p.png iPhone_8_Plus_2_40p.png iPhone_8_Plus_3_40p.png
  2. Toque

    Toque Member

    May 25, 2017
    Looks good.
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