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OFFICIAL Physics In GameMaker Studio 2 - Part 4


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Part 4/4 of Physics In GameMaker Studio 2 is out now!
We've had three tech blogs now about the GameMaker Studio 2 physics system and how it permits you to create fast and efficient physics simulations in your projects. However, they've all focused on what is known as "rigid body" physics, mainly because that is what the underlying physics engine "Box2D" does best. That doesn't man you can't do "soft body" physics simulations though! Some time ago those clever chaps at Google expanded the Box2D library to include their "Liquid Fun" module, which adds physics particles, and gives you the ability to create fluid-like particle simulations as well as particle based soft-bodies. This module is included as part of the GameMaker Studio 2 physics system and in this final tech blog in our series on using physics, we'll cover some of the things you can do with it.