Physics Based Stickman Melee Simulator

Hello and thanks for the view. I'm working on a game for the Google Play Store (and hopefully Steam eventually). I am sorry I could not let you try it on Windows, I have not yet bought that module for GMS 2.

It is a physics based melee combat game where you play as a stick figure fighting in an Arena, gladiator style.

You must out-maneuver your opponents attack and guard in order to dismember them and disarm or kill them.

Short Gameplay Video (the video capture lag is much worse than actual game lag)


-Fun with physics!
-Melee combat!
-Dismemberment and beheadings!
-Dual wielding weapons!
-16+ unique weapons!
-Awesome blood splatter!
-Shockwave effects!
-Gold and shop system!
-Level up and xp system!
-Replay completed levels to earn 3 stars!
-Original music made by myself!

My plan with the game so far:
My plan is to first release to Google Play where my goal is to earn revenue from ads and a mtx store where you can turn off ads and buy certain things.
Hopefully I can release to IOS once I am established on Google Play (I need a good IOS emulator for windows).
Once I determine if it will be worth my money, I'd like to publish to Steam for Windows.

Some questions I need help answering:

-What prices and items should I sell? I am thinking an option to turn off ads, and another to turn off ads and earn permanent rewards usually only granted from watching a rewarded ad. I am having moral dilemma trying to decide on selling in game currency for real money. should I?

-I need help selling this game. What features should I pay attention to in the description? Which keywords will work the best?

-I'm still working on a title. I want something with good keywords but not "click-baity." My tentative title is "Stickman Physics Battle Arena" but I fear it is too long and perhaps sounds too much like shovelware.

-Should I spend the money to release this on PC? The controls are a bit tighter, but I'm just not sure the market for 2d games like this on Steam. Not really a PC gamer so I have no clue.

Any and all feedback is very much appreciated! I am getting very close to release, but I am nervous to release a game without getting any feedback on it first!


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