Released Physics-based RPG, Lufulus' Creatures is on Steam!


Lufulus' Creatures
My long-term project, Lufulus' Creatures, is now fully released. You can play it on Steam.
I really want to know your advice and comments about the game.
I'll share some useful code from the project.
Thank you all, for your help.

Annotation 2020-05-05 105555.jpg
Annotation 2020-05-05 110422.jpg

Game Features
  • 25+ Quests, 200+ Items, 30+ Creatures&Bosses
  • Functional Bank
  • Upgrading Items
  • Different Fighting Types
  • Fast Item Comparison
  • Always Auto-Save
  • Physics-Based Fighting Mechanics
  • Fighting with Allies
  • Steam Cloud is currently available for the game.
  • Compatible with Xbox Controllers
Steam Link:
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