Android Phobos Rescue - Bullet Hell/Shmup styles revisited


The Shatner

Hey there!
I have published my game "Phobos Rescue", on which you control a ship in a no-return mission in order to save the colonists of the Mars satellite "Phobos".
The thing is, instead of shooting your way through everything like a traditional "top-view starship game", your ship doesn't have weapons and the entire colony has gone haywire, so you must dodge randomly generated obstacles and turrets firing at you while you mark the colonists' hiding places for teleportation.

I'm posting it here and not in the "Made with Gamemaker" thread because I still want to "polish" it some more.

For example, I'm rather new with GMS2 and I am having some difficulties with performance-related issues: some devices are running the game incredibly slowly, even though there's less than 50 active instances at all times, each of them with minimal code in the step and draw events.
My current attempt on performance gain was to enable multiple resolutions (making smaller texture pages for smaller resolutions in order to obtain some performance boost), but the game is still running somewhat slowly on some devices. For example, among my test devices I have a 5 year old tablet that runs the game perfectly, but a 3 year old phone (which isn't as bad as you are possibly thinking, considering it has survived for so long) that can barely run the main menu.

I also want to add some more powerups and enhance the UX.

The game can be downloaded @

There are screenshots attached if you want to check them out.

Positive feedback is always appreciated, as long as Wheaton's law is respected.


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