Steam PHILGOOD arrives on Steam Early Access this August! - Guaranteed Brain Teaser

Phil Bod

I am pleased to announce that the PhilGood page is now visible on Steam! :)

The game will be available in free version and early access from August 5.

Philgood" is a new 2D adventure/puzzle game.
It stages a little character stuck in a white “line” !
Why did this happen ? How to reach the end of this "line" much more alive than it seems ...
Its various gameplay requires reflection, skills, a fighting spirit, water and breath savings, speed and restraint to find clues and hidden messages, and to decode and solve the puzzles.

But (for the most impatient ;)) you can already test it by downloading the new version 0.1.2 on

Gameplay Video:

Discover also the all-new PhilGood TRAILER (youtube)

If you would like to support PhilGood in additional ways, tell your friends, tell your favorite youtubers and post about it on social media. Every bit of support pushes the game.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who are and will be with me on this journey to make PhilGood an amazing game!

Have fun with PhilGood !

Phil Bod
A single Creator game for a single Player game


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Looks great. Visually interesting.

I can’t play it but would be interesting as I don’t understand the character. It’s a game about man understanding things but the character looks like a dinasour in a fireman’s hat. I wonder how it fits all together.

Looks well made. A lot of love went into it.

Phil Bod

Thank you for your answer.

I understand your misunderstanding and I am delighted about it! :eek:

I explain myself: the character (dinosaur or not) represents any innocent human being (with a big nose like a big smile).

Philgood is like the universe of the game, a metaphor for humanity and there are many of them in the game (sometimes well hidden).

But I don't say too much and wish you a lot of pleasure to decode everything ... :D :)

Phil Bod