Team Request Perth, Western Australia Programmer wanted.

Hello all.
Reaching out for any GML programmers based in Perth, WA who may be interested in joining in on a project.

I've been working on a promising prototype of a 2D (sidescroll) action adventure where you can shift back and forth in Z space at will. (Imagion smashing all the levels of a platformer together then flipping through them).

PROTOTYPE FOOTAGE (no final assets, placeholders etc) -

The player essentially progresses towards the horizon while exploring the X/Y axis.
Essentially the same as navigating 3D space but the restriction to 2D planes has interesting design/puzzle/combat implications .

The video attached demonstrates the player moving between just 3 "steps". So try and imagion that expanded into dozens+. Video also does not show complete " step visibility " as I didn't want to waste time on aesthetic assets for sake of prototype. "Step visibility" entails the ability to see the steps off into the distance/foreground.The intended final effect is that a fixed number of steps are visible, fading towards the horizon. As you step towards horizon, more steps become visibil until end of level is reached.

Animation and artwork is mine and is a possible art direction though still experimenting.

Stepping concept is "proven" so far so I've moved onto prototyping other gameplay systems, you'll see a tiny bit of melee combat in the video.

Very much mainly interested in working with local talent because I value physical presence and connection for coherehent development, though will consider other options.
Please PM me to talk if interested. :)