Legacy GM Performance loss with multiple applications


Two questions;
(1) Is there some kind of performance loss, or, reduction in processing priority when test-running the project from GMS(1.4) as opposed to running an exported/compiled executable of the same project?
(2) Why does my GMS(1.4) project run poorly if there are other (game) applications running (simultaneously), yet those other non-GMS applications suffer no performance loss?

Separate questions, but both refer to an issue of processing priority. Please help.



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What you refer to as "processing priority" is up to your operating system to handle and for you to override - you can check and set this in your task manager on Windows, for example.

Also note that processing power is not a unified resource. All the components of your PC work together to provide performance, and one application may be bound to one such component more so than others. How much of which is allocated to each is also not something that an application has control over - this is up to drivers and the operating system.

For reference, what are these other applications that are causing a performance drop?
Thank you for writing in TsukaYuriko,

Question (1) remains unaddressed.
As for Question (2); For the sake of example, the game "Raid Shadow Legends" could be open and displaying on my second monitor. When I test run my GMS(1.4) project, performance can drop significantly, or become "jittery", but only my project suffers -- "Raid Shadow Legends" performs as normal -- you would think a system-wide or video card-wide performance loss would occur.


Might be to do with the fact that GMS applications can only use 1 core of your CPU. Other applications are a bit more flexible in how they handle processing.