Windows Peer to Peer RTS Online Network Max Players?

So, I have been wanting to do a RTS peer to peer multiplayer online game and I have been researching it.

The matchmaking lobby would be managed by a server which I plan to do in Node.js, but I want these game matches to be 12 players max, and each player has about 15 objects which are buildings that don't move, and about 20 object units that can move.

So, I read on multiple threads that gamemaker peer to peer isn't that good? and that it can only handle 4 players or something like that?

Also, I am confused on how do I make the host of the RTS match communicate with the rest of the players. Can I use node.js for the host to communicate? There is no dedicated server other than for matchmaking purposes. Is node.js even needed here?

What I want to achieve is something similar to a peer to peer online network like Warcraft 3.

I am not sure if I am going to do desktop or HTML5 yet. Right now I am learning and testing the waters of multiplayer online networking.

I don't plan on doing any huge game with peer to peer yet, I plan to do very small games and build up my knowledge so I can do this RTS 12 player game.

I would really appreciate any advice you can give me.

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Ah, yeah, like the old AOE setup. Was thinking of doing something like that myself...

This was informative:

Very well engineered, given the limitations of the time.

If you go HTML, prepare for difficulty with the Websockets library. Haven't used it myself, but I've heard it's difficult. Might still have to touch it with Game Maker, or maybe there's something on the Asset Store for that.

Also, I released an RTS movement system with a very permissive open source license (i.e. none :p) some years ago onto the GMC. Link wouldn't work anymore, lemme know if you're interested.
Thanks for the informative article! I could only read the first page because the next button wasn't working on my mobile device, will read the rest later.

I'd love to take a look at your movement system.

I am debating whether to use a few dedicated servers to host RTS matches or stick to peer to peer. Hmm, whichever is the easiest route will be my decision probably. I don't mind spending some money on a few servers.

Thanks for the resources. :)