pc touchscreen input weirdness


Before you answer, the specific testbench I'm using is a windows pc with a touchscreen that has multitouch enabled. This is a particular usecase that does not behave the same as a mouse, and likely not the same as a mobile tablet.

Ok, so here is the issue:

I want my game to respond when a finger makes contact with the screen on an object. I want the response immediately.

Unfortunately, all the mouse_check_button functions do not work. They work with a mouse, a touchpad, and many other things, but a windows pc touchscreen does not trigger anything on 'click', when you put your finger down.

This is not normal behaviour. Google chrome, for example, switches tabs quite happily as you put your finger over a tab and rest it on the tab. But gamemaker studio 2 games do not react until I drag a finger our I lift my finger. This is terrible, because if I put another fnger on the screen while the first is resting there, the system is suddenly under the impression that you're doing some sort of multitouch gesture - so now, as you raise your finger, you no longer have a mouse release event.

In a two player reaction time game played on the same touchscreen, this blows - on-release isn't good enough, it has to be 'on click', because if player 1 is first, player 2 is second, now there are two fingers touching the screen, and if player 1 releases his finger, his input is never registered.

So - does anybody have any idea how to implement an 'on click' style check in game maker studio 2 that correctly activates upon one finger landing on an object? On a windows touchscreen pc?

Thank you.


It's not the solution. On my Interactive Whiteboard it isn't working. Touchscreen doesn't react, only mouse clicks.
Are you sure you are using it correctly?

You have to do something quite a bit differently with this software. Make sure you read the manual that comes with it.


Ok, well, I've had good luck with this. If there is a demo project and it doesn't work, then that suggests that for your device, it doesn't work; but I couldn't tell you what's up with why it doesn't work for your situation.