PC Drone


Is such a thing possible:

I put a drone outside the door. go to my pc, login to the drone control centre.

now using the screen. pc and mouse i can control the drone, drive it and see through its camera.

I could say fly it to a friends house and pick up a dvd using it, then fly it back home.


Of course it's possible. I had a very cheap 2.4Ghz Wifi drone (DRO-110) and suggested to my uni friend that we figure the RF coding out, so we could control it from the laptop (x220 thinkpad). We did that, and I made the driver program with SDL to control the drone with W, A, S, D (motion), Q, E (yaw) Space, Shift (lift). It was like playing a video game lol, and we had additional bit of fun by mapping the other keys for drone to do something specific (e.g. Z was to do a pointless 360 yaw).

With a lot of effort you could e.g. attach a Raspberry PI (or Arduino) on it with camera and GSM modules and stream it so you can see where you're going. Or with a lot of money, you could buy a drone that has all this stuff proprietary out of the box (probably. I know nothing about drones); but in any case why not just walk to your friend's house and pick up a dvd yourself? :)


the main issue for cheaper drones is battery life. you won't be getting more than 5 minutes of flying time (if you want to attach cargo to it, like a DVD) with a drone unless you shell out the big bucks for a dji spark or something (15 minutes with no added weight if I recall). they are not long-endurance flyers unless you spend thousands.

it's been a couple years since I played with them though, so I could be wrong. I was more into DIY racing drones, and I was lucky to have a battery life of more than 4 minutes on those, but those were built for speed so it's a bit different.