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Asset - Demo Pause Example + Screen Capture script

One of the best pause examples on the marketplace. A very simple and FREE asset permitting you to pause your game, deactivating all instances AND to take a screenshot of the entire screen presently shown. This example easily integrates into your games with little or no change at all.
  • 1 script to capture the screen
  • 1 controller object to pause the game
When paused, all objects besides the pause controller are disabled so your game pauses completely without continuing in the background. Once the pause screen is up, you can add whatever objects you wish to show player stats, inventory and more.

I created this because sprite_create_from_screen and background_create_from_screen do not exist anymore in Game Maker Studio.

Asset package here: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/2093/pause-example-screen-capture

You can see a good use of this pause example in my other asset: Tile Base Platform Engine (TBPE)
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