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Hello, my name is Patrik Kraif and I am a professional programmer and a GM hobbyist!

I started with GameMaker 6 and my oldest preserved project dates back to 2006, so I do have quite a few years of experience with GM in my pockets. Throughout that time I've mostly been focused on making 3D games and related tools. I do always care not only about high performing, but also nice and clean, easily readable and well documented code.

Aside from GML, I've been working professionally as a programmer on multiple projects written in various languages, like for example C, Rust, Python and JavaScript (Node.js) for big data processing, Java and Kotlin for mobile apps and PHP for information systems. I'm also a big fan of languages with LISPy syntax, like Scheme.

My GM related work

I'm a co-founding member of a Czech indie gamedev team BlueBurn, where I work as graphics & tools programmer on BBP - a 3D online multiplayer FPS developed in GMS. Some of other stuff that I have worked on was also released under BlueBurn. Following list is ordered alphabetically.
My GameMaker Studio 2 modules
  • Desktop
  • Mobile



In case you're interested in collaboration, feel free to contact me through PM here on the forum, or pick other contact from the list:
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