Path follow with timeline


Hello ! I am actually creating a shooter but i am a bit stuck...
The thing is that I have created many different paths, all for different ennemy paterns. After that i am creating a timeline to time when the ennemies are spawning.
But i would like to set to each ennemy that is spawning thanks to my timeline a different path.
Is it possible to do it ?

Before the thing I was doing is for each ennemy, i was duplicating him many times and in the "create" section, I had set a different path for each. So I ended with many objects for the same ennemy just with a different path to follow at creation.
So as this isn't that optimized, i wanted to set the path at the creation in the timeline, and not in the object.

Ihope this is clear enough and I hope you will be able to help me ^^