Free Pass the Mess


Hello Gamemakers!

For a while now, every month some of us vote on a genre of a game we want to make and then we take turns adding our own touches to the game. The contribution can be as small or as large as you like, and you don't always have to keep everything that the previous person added (especially if it becomes a buggy mess). The objective is to see the game grow over time - but mainly to have fun with it - with each person taking one day to work on it before passing it on.

I've hosted the "games" we've made so far on Itch -

"Games" is in quotation marks because some of them have a few bugs or may be missing features such as title screens/certain sound effects etc. People can work on the games after the fact if they want to, but there's no pressure.

I usually have fun working on these games, adding silly things like humans being ejected into space after the planet has been shot, taunting players with lame death screens etc, but also things that I put a decent amount of time into that I normally would never make like spike traps that only kill with the pointy end and block progress with the shaft, or a monster that has body segments that follow it around.

Anybody is free to sign up -

PS I figured this section of the forum was more appropriate than off-topic as the link will be updated with the games once we're done with them.