GML Particle Effect or Object -- only using on one level in the entire game




I am having a level in my game that takes place in a fixed 1920x1080 room. I would like to have cherry blossoms (leafs) fall from above while the player is in the room. This is the only place in my game that I will be having this effect. I am not sure if I should make a particle effect for this or create several (100+) objects that are 32x32 that fall and loop back up into to the top. I am not sure which one would be more efficient? Or if the difference in performance will be very small?



I did mine with particles and particles would be more efficient but by how much is the same as a length of string.

If you are more confident with objects, try it out. If the performance doesn’t dip below your requirement, then fine.

If you are comfortable with particles or want to learn something new, give the particles a go.

Joe Ellis

True, you can use particles or objects(as long as the performance is fine)
but I would for this kind of this use arrays, cus you can have the entire set of particles just in one array which is a variable in an object,
but the performance might not be that much better cus you'd have to loop through the entire array,
but generally, having 100+ array indices is faster than 100+ objects(instances) cus of the built in variables they hold and processing by the engine