Parallax Preview in Room Editor



So I am currently working on a 2D Platformer in Game Maker Studio 2 and right now have some basic mechanics and visuals, as well as a Parallax Effect on different tile layers.

While the Parallax Effect looks very nice like this, it is a chore to design rooms this way since in the game the layers are moved to different locations than where they were placed in the editor. And there isn't really an easy way of finding out where the layer is going to be after the Parallax Effect was applied, other than testing it in Game.

TL;DR: IS there a handy way of previewing how the Parallax will look inGame in the editor, or are there other room editors that already support this feature?
I don't know if there is a way to actually preview the effect in the room editor, but I can recommend this tool by YellowAfterlife. It lets you change game assets without recompilng the build, and the latest version also supports room reloading.