Paradox Puzzler (demo link)

Let me start this off by saying this is a baby of mine Ive developed on or off for about 2 years (way more off than on there's probably been about 4-5months of actual work going in). But as such I'm going to be a little sour to criticisms I know are coming, I'm not good at level design so a lot of the levels are boring. I know rewinding time at 15Xs speed is weird and having to rewind to the level beginning is also lame for time travel. Unfortunately a lot of my tricks rely on restarting the level every paradox meaning a level making reboot should I fix it, which is my weakest strength.

This game spawned because after seeing how rewinding time in videogames usually saved every step and meant rewinding long amounts of time was hard. So I decided to see if I could make for all intents and purposes a rewind a LONG TIME, or have a bunch of timelines play out together, I succeeded with the latter, Ive actually gotten bored before I found the point where too many copies of yourself lags the system so I'm very happy with it.

I'm looking for help with sound, playtesting and more background art,(but believe it or not the blob like character is intentional and final.) This is currently a passion project and unless I can generate severe interest will be free on release, and even if it does get popular it will never be more than 1-5$ so understand this isn't a moneymaker, its just to make something weird and wonky and a little cool.

Because of the way the time system works I'm sure I've missed a lot of things when time is rewound, and while rare Ive noticed sometimes a paradox will simply freeze at the start and not move, it fixes itself when you rewind time again though. Tell me what you guys think.

WA and D to move, S to grab or activate things, Q rewinds time back to the beginning of when the level started and E restarts and clears all your duplicates (in case a naughty past you throws something you need off a cliff.) That's it pretty standard platforming game but make paradox copies for you that can hold buttons open doors, and even hold things for you to solve puzzles. And the best part? Make as many as you want, 50 timelines on screen? No problem. currently 38 levels of a planned 50 are complete.
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I love the concept behind this. I also like the way that you (visually) display previous iterations of the character. I only played the first few levels (7 or so) but when I have the time - I'll make sure to give it another whirl. Great work.