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Pandaland - Action RPG

I am excited to announce my new game project: Pandaland! This game is a 2D action-rpg about a panda that must become a hero when a giant monster attacks Pandaland. Right now I am working on a demo level so you all can try it out! Follow this thread or my Ko-fi page for updates! https://ko-fi.com/pighippogames

Power up your panda and collect new weapons and items.
Explore a variety of areas as you become a legendary panda hero.
Colorful pixel art graphics.
Battle many enemies that stand in your way on your quest.
Play as an adorable warrior panda!

pandaland level 1.png
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Wow, Covid has really slowed down the development of this project. I have been getting back into it though! Sadly no demo yet. I have another programmer helping me and he was slowed down on his coding as well. However I have been working on more of the artwork for the game so here are some screenshots while you wait! Panda Falls.png
Panda Forest.png
Panda Caves.png
Panda Seaside.png
Panda City.png