Job Offer - General [PAID] Testers Wanted for a Humorous Mobile RPG

EDIT: Bumped this, since I posted this originally a year ago, but I'm looking for a new set of testers at the moment!


I'm looking for people to test my mobile/HTML5 game, Wacky Dungeon, which is a turn-based RPG with a humorous feel to it.

See the screenshots attached to get an idea of what the game is like.
6 Special Stats (Unedited).png Cow Dragon Fire Sneeze Dec 9th.png Stinky Sock Menu.png Toilet Seat vs Plumber Hero Dec 16th.png Tutorial Guy Aug 6th.png

I'm looking for 2-4 testers to try the HTML5 version with their mobile device or a computer.

In total, the testing is likely to take 10-25 hours, but the testing period can span over multiple weeks.

The testing will be done in two distinct ways:

METHOD A: Observing testing via screen sharing

1) I will send you a link to the game

2) You will play the game on your own computer, and this will be viewed remotely through Skype's/Discord's screen share by me.

Note that this doesn't give me the access to control your computer remotely; I simply need to be able to view the game window as you play to see what you are doing.

3) While you play, we will also be communicating via Skype/Discord by writing or speaking. For example, I might ask questions related to the game or provide instructions on what I want you to try.

4) After the testing session, I may ask you to send me the save file of the game to check your progress on my own computer.

METHOD B: Independent testing

1) I will provide you with a list of tasks that I would like you to do independently

2) During the testing, you will be monitored by an hour logger software, that will also take randomly take screenshots of your work.


The schedule for testing will be negotiated on Skype/Discord, but I'm very flexible in this matter.

What I require from you is that you have played RPG games enough to know what is being considered good and bad in these games.

You should also be able to give constructive criticism and point out areas that you think already work well, and why that is the case. I understand that everyone's opinion is their subjective take on things, but being able to explain your opinions helps me understand what goes inside the gamers' minds.

Note that despite requirements the you do not need to be a professional tester by any means. If you are an RPG gamer with opinions and who fulfills the requirements above, you can apply for this task.


If you're interested, please send me a private message. In the message, please list some games you've enjoyed, especially RPGs. Please also tell me a little bit about your skill level as a player.

Payments will be sent via PayPal. Most of the work will be fairly easy, as you will only need to play the game write your thoughts and opinions about the game, so the amount of payment will also reflect this fact. However, if I'm satisfied with your work, I will be likely to invite you to test more of my projects later on.
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