Job Offer - Programmer [paid] ragdoll and skeletal animation



I am looking for a programmer used to skeletal animation and physics needed :
- ragdoll creation, size must adapt to the sprites used
- created ragdoll need to match the skeletal position when it spawns
- when the ragdoll is hit, can be dismembered and particles goes out of the cut part (direction and origin relative to the body part cut)
- Adaptation of the collision shapes depending of the image scaling
- optimization : ragdolls should be created when the game is launched, not every time an enemy is killed but the position is set when the enemy dies

If possible : knowledge on how to avoid aliasing on skeletal animations.
If something in this list can't be done or is too hard, thanks to let me know about it


How much are you willing to pay?
I was hoping for someone who know how to make this to tell me how many time it will take him and how much he wants for each hour spent.

To the question "How much are you willing to pay?" I think the universal answer is "as few as possible" but I want to pay what is right.