Portfolio - Programming [Paid] Professional Game and Tools Programmer with AAA Experience


Joeb Rogers

Joeb Rogers | AAA Gameplay/Tools Programmer

I'm currently looking for work on paid projects as a programmer. My industry specialism is as a gameplay or tools programmer, but I can also fill more generalist roles.

I've experience in Gamemaker, Unity and Unreal 4, as well as frameworks such as Monogame and SDL2. I'm very comfortable programming in both C++, C# and GML, and am also pretty comfortable in JavaScript and Lua.

I've experience with both 2D and 3D games, so can comfortably fill a position on any team.

My rates are negotiable, as are the number of hours a week I can put in, whether you're just looking for some short term contract work, or a longer term commitment.

Here's a link to my portfolio, that at the least showcases some of what I can do, as well as the work that I'm allowed to show.


My role in the industry has had me working most recently on GTA V Online, where I scripted gameplay and content creation tools, as well as worked on mission/technical scripting on the new heist.

My email is listed at the bottom of the site. You're welcome to get in touch with me through that or just on here via pm and we can go from there.