Job Offer - General Paid offer: UI artwork/design and sound engineer for Space game and visual novel


Hey! So we've got 2 separate jobs that we need filled. Neither of the jobs are particularly work intense, but both are for long-running projects, so you'll need to be available off and on over a fairly long period of time.

The interview process is pretty straightforward. Send a portfolio of past work, and if it looks like you can provide something that matches our game, we'll message you back. They're fairly long running projects, so we might be a bit picky; don't be too let down if you don't get a reply. After that, we'll try a short paid commission and if it works out we'll have you onboard for the rest of the game.

We're on a tight budget, so both jobs are for around ~$15/hr, might be slightly more or less depending on the speed and quality of your work. Payment will start as half now/half on completion of each assignment.

Here's the base descriptions for both

1) UI artwork/design for a space game inspired by FTL

Basically, you need to make these sorts of programmer art menus:

Not suck. We aren't looking for something distracting and complicated, though. Preferably we can keep the same kind of programming arrangement, so we're looking for an art theme that will work to drop in place; however, if programming changes are needed, we'll make those changes.

We do need UI for our visual novel as well; however, this game is pretty standard looking menu-wise, so this would only be if you could do this quickly and cheaply: otherwise I'll be doing it myself.

2) Sound engineer:

We have music covered for both games, so this is just for sound effects. I would expect most effects to just be from sound libraries, so if that's mostly what you're doing that's fine. However, generally unless you're really good with something like sfxr/bfxr we're looking for something a little less nintendo sounding for the Sci-fi game. preferably something close to FTL, the game it's based off.

Most sound effects for the sci-fi game will just be various gun fire/menu selections.

The second game is pretty much a standard visual novel game. Mostly we'll just need some minor things like button clicks, or some silly sound effects you might hear following player emotions, like in Phoenix Wright or something.