Job Offer - Programmer {PAID} Networking code in GML & PHP

G'day all,

First of all, I have been away from GM for 3 years and I am not up to speed with what GM 2 can do.
Secondly, while this is my first post in this forum I was very active on the old forum board (47 score and 224 forum posts), so while I know nothing about GM2 I have a fair bit of knowledge of GM1.4

I have a program that needs a few advanced features completed and also some code that transfers data between the game and a database - this is to be done with the programming language of PHP. Note that GM2 may not need PHP, so if it doesn't then that's fine.
This code is to be done with GM2 (I will update soon :).

If you are interested then please send me links to previous examples of a program that uses a database; and also an hourly rate (in US$). I'm happy for people to PM these details.

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